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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  NEW EMAIL ADDRESS:    tidesresearch@outlook.com
Hello, and welcome to the Tideswell Family History website. This website is the result of my 7 years of research into my Tideswell family history. Although the project is incomplete and on going I have reached a point where the amount of further information I am able to find has slowed to a crawl. I therefore came up with the idea of setting up a website and inviting other members of the greater Tideswell family to contribute any information they may have found whilst doing similar research. Also by doing so I hope to stimulate an interest amongst any Tideswells out there who may wish to begin to find out more about their own forefathers. However, be warned. If you want the fun of finding these things out for yourselves then this site is not for you as I have already done the bulk of the research.
What I am mainly interested in is anecdotal information. Photographs also would be most welcome; the older the better. Just be aware though that any photographs you may wish to contribute will be published on this internet site and so you may wish to consider confidentiality if posting photogaphs of living persons. I am also more than happy to be corrected if any of my research is erroneous and will happily answer any queries you may have yourselves (if I can).
Unfortunately all the information you may require is not available on this website. Stored on my computer are all the family fact files listed on this site with information such as dates and places of births and deaths, burial locations, parents, professions, known addresses, and where possible short histories on individuals. All the information I have is freely available on the internet and at the various record offices, libraries, etc. which I have visited. All I have in fact done is put it all together in one place on this website for people to access easier. The good news is that I am more than happy to share all this information with you and will gladly e-mail the fact files to you free of charge and with my compliments. If you are interested the e-mail address for this site is
Should you also wish for your queries to be placed on this site I will happily oblige. Again, e-mail the above address.

Like all family historians, I suspect, I began researching my family tree by finding my grandfather on the 1901 census. This I did using the Ancestry.co.uk website, and before I knew it I had over 100 names on my tree. I quickly realised that apart from these people there were many other Tideswells living in the same areas I was researching and it struck me that these too must be related in some way. So I began collecting information on all the Tideswells I came across. Then it occured to me that the name Tideswell is fairly uncommon and there were not that many of us about. Would it therefore be possible to trace them all back to a Tideswell 'Adam & Eve'? Sadly not so far, although other people doing similar research seem to suggest Warren de Tideswell as a likely candidate. I must stress here that although I obviously took note of other people's research, I discovered (in my opinion) several glaring mistakes. It would appear that other people have then accepted these findings as accurate and gone down the same wrong path. It is for this reason that I try to always rely on my own research.

If you navigate the website you will find a page entitled 'Articles'. On this page I intend to post a series of articles (essays) about different topics of interest to do with Tideswell family research. They are designed to stimulate interest and raise comment. Should any of you out there wish to submit any essays of your own, feel free to do so. You will need to e-mail them to me at
tidesresearch@outlook.com as I must insist on editorial rights to prevent any malicious content.

This is my one and only attempt at a website so it is essentially a 'no frills' effort. What's important is the information it contains. You should find it relatively easy to navigate. Any suggestions for improvement will be graciously considered.


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